Chateau Castelmaure 2012 MAGNUM - Corbières

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Ambres and Castelmaure, two villages that make more than in a typical landscape of the High Corbières. The origin of these two villages is very old. On Embres, is mentioned in a document dated March 990. He is quoted in the story of Don Vaisette Languedoc, concerning the donation by Lady Adelaide located in a vineyard "In Termino Villa Embrécis". Nine hundred years later, the works have uncovered the remains of this ancient Roman villa. Castelmaure meanwhile is on the left of the entrance to a wild and wonderful valley that delivered the remains of a Neolithic occupation. It was born from the implementation of a Roman Castrum to protect invasions and smugglers. Away from this place, the village of Castelmaure stood at the end of the tenth century, around 1070. The castle was built in the heart of the village in the early sixteenth century. At the same site, depending Castelmaure, is the pre-Romanesque church of St. Felix, strong interesting to visit, with its architecture from different periods of the ninth to the sixteenth century. The Pompadour rest under the old tiles. It is the memory the more poignant that we have to Castelmaure, its people, its lords, its castle. Protected maritime influences by a huge mountain bar, the vineyard nestles in the heart of the massif in a small interior plain surrounded by limestone crown south and north schistose folds. These two components are found often mixed at the bottom of the cliffs because the geological upheavals have shaken hard these places over the ages. By keeping the traditional look of the collection of grapes contains essential for the vinification by carbonic maceration, it develops harvest selection systems, hygiene in the winery, control temperatures and ultramodern pressing, allowing its wines to express the richness of their terroir. The richness of the terroir will reveal that over the years, the SCV Castelmaure practice has long been a breeding policy wines. Particular care is taken in the breeding of our wines both in tanks with racking or fût.L'élevage wood is of course the priority field of study given the profile of our wines.

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SKU R989
Color Red
Bottle Size 1.5 L
Country France
Region Sud-ouest
Appellation Corbieres
Alcohol 13.00
Main grape Carignan
Grapes Carignan 50 %, Grenache Noir 30 %, Syrah 15 %, Cinsaut 5 %
Maturing Barrique
When to drink 2017-2027
Vintage 2012