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Yellow wine is considered one of the greatest wines in the world. Château-Chalon vineyard is his home but it is also produced in Arbois appellation Ensign and Côtes du Jura. Its color is golden yellow, hence its name. It is renowned for its organoleptic qualities and his development as original as mysterious. e Vin Jaune is the subject of a specific breeding because once fermentation is complete, it must be kept a minimum of six years and three months in oak barrels without racking or topping. During aging, a yeast haze develops at the surface and protects the wine from oxidation in contact with depriving the ambient air. It is these that allow yeast to yellow wine mysteriously get its organoleptic characteristics so complex. Once the aging, it is placed in specific and unique bottle called ""clavelin"". The Clavelin contains only 62 cl. This originality is explained by the fact that a liter of grape juice is generally reduced to 62 cl of yellow wine at the end of his aging. Clavelin is the only authorized bottle for packaging Vin Jaune. Exceptional wine, some of his bottles are more than a century old. The oldest tasted was 1774! Dress the king of wines appreciate around the eyes. Take the time to delve into its bright and clear golden yellow color, so sumptuous, who put so many years to gain intensity. The FTD Pure happiness for the nose. An extraordinary fireworks of aromas that interweaves the nuts, dried fruits, spices, white flesh fruit and fresh floral notes. Yellow wine is the only wine in the world to develop as many aromas during aging. Flavour ""Yellow"" or ""Castle"", the appetizer is massive and striking. After a light soil tannin, such as chalk powder, the power is expressed through a demonstration of aromas of exceptional magnitude in the palace: taste the nuts, green apple, aun dried fruit, and exotic spices (curry, saffron, ginger).

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SKU B332
Color White
Bottle Size 0.62 L
Country France
Region Jura et Savoie
Appellation Château Chalon
Alcohol 13.50
Main grape Savagnin
Grapes 100% Savagnin
Maturing Barrique
When to drink 2008-2028
Vintage 2003